About us

Peacock Tabletops consists only of one person: me, Florian Pfab. I live in the picturesque medieval town of Regensburg in Bavaria and currently work as a teacher of fine arts and the German language. In addition to my studies as a teacher, I have also completed a degree in fine arts and a postgraduate doctorate. 

Five years ago, as a passionate board player, I had the idea for the first time to design and produce a game myself. This game finally developed into Materia Prima.

Behind Peacock Tabletops is the philosophy that the design and mechanisms of a game should be as one. Everything superfluous is eliminated, so that in the end only the essence of a game idea remains. For this reason I design the game mechanisms parallel to the design of the individual game components in order to guarantee an optimal game experience at the end.

By the way, thanks to my studies of fine arts I am able to design all game components with pencil, brush and paint. It's all handmade that way.